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Q- How much does Dominican Jr Knight Volleyball cost?

A- Dominican Jr. Knight Volleyball fee is $825. The money from this fee goes towards purchasing uniforms and gear, paying coaches, renting facilities, tournament fees, and other expenses. Payments are due up front when registering except when there are special circumstances, in which those should be discussed prior with administration.

Q- When are tryouts?

A- Tryouts for U11-14 are typically the first weekend in October.

Q- What if I can’t make tryouts or can only make one day?

A- Offers will be made based on performance seen. One day may be enough for coaches to place an athlete, but it also may mean the difference in playing up or down.

Q- When will offers be sent out?

A- Offers will be presented at tryouts, as well as a written offer emailed the night of the last try-out session. Offers do not need to be accepted until the following Monday at 7pm.

Q- How many kids make a team?

A- We try to keep the size of our teams between 8 and 12 athletes/team. This does not include practice-only players.

Q- How are teams selected?

A- Teams are selected by age and level of skill. Older players will be selected for older teams, but if a younger player shows a higher skill level they may be elevated to an older team as well.

Q- If our son/daughter wasn’t selected for a team or can’t afford to be on the travel team, are there other options to participate?

A- Yes, we do offer the ability to be a part of the program as a practice-only player. There is a fee for this as well.

Q- How long is the season?

A- The season runs from tryouts in October through the following April. Practices start after Thanksgiving and tournaments in January.

Q-When and where is practice?

A- Practices begin after Thanksgiving and are held on Saturday and Sunday afternoons/evenings. Practices are located at Dominican High School.


Q- When are competitions?

A- Tournaments begin in January and run through April. Tournament Schedules will be available shortly after Thanksgiving. Most tournaments will be played in the greater Milwaukee area, but some may be as far as Green Bay, Chicago, and Wisconsin Dells.

Q-Who are the coaches?

A- Coaches are selected after we have determined the amount of teams that will be participating each season. Coaches will have experience in coaching at the middle school level or higher.

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